South Atlantic Soldier

Welsh born orphan Tony Gomez is a Museum Curator with with a Zoology degree. His Spanish father was lost at sea before he was born. At weekends he is a TA soldier with 23 SAS. Fluent in Spanish, he is sent to the Falkland’s war in 1982, with best friend Yorkie Barnes. Ex Para, boxing champ Barnes, left secondary school at 15. He is chalk to Gomez’s cheese. It is their first taste of war. Inserted behind enemy lines ahead of the British landings, they contact a regular SAS patrol to interrogate a prisoner, an Argentine air force pilot. Considered amateurs unfit to wear the SAS badge by the regular SAS men causes tension. This boils over into violence. Running firefights with the enemy test the amateurs to their limits, but there conduct wins them respect.

Later, while recovering from wounds aboard a hospital ship, Tony Gomez stumbles across a link to his past, which causes him to question his complete family history. He returns to the Falklands in 1992 to find closure and confront a ghost.

 South Atlantic Soldier on May 18, 2015 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase All in all a very enjoyable novel. It is obvious that the author has provided an insight of the hardships that candidates have to overcome in order to gain membership of that elite group of special forces called the SAS.

” on May 5, 2015 Format: Kindle Edition Review of South Atlantic Soldier by Stuart Pereira
This novel is a poignant recounting of the human relationships, or lack thereof, as they play out in the lives of several soldiers called to serve their country, as well as of those who are closely related to them. It is unflinching in its depiction of the devastation suffered by those who must bear, and use, weapons against each other. The consequences of training men to kill their “enemy” counterparts, to harden them until their natural compassion is silenced or banished, are particularly pertinent for American readers who are more and more often seeing our own veterans languishing from both apparent and hidden wounds, festering long after their return from the theatres of combat.
Although Pereira describes the conflict between Great Britain and Argentina in the early 80s, the horror of the events, at times graphically but never gratuitously depicted, the events speak to everyman and every war. The characters are complex, flawed, waging war at times against themselves as much as against their “enemies” as designated by their superiors, but ultimately, by highly-placed politicians who are safely removed from the excruciating conditions, violence, and devastation of the battlefield. Indeed, Periera’s South Atlantic Soldier, in the guise of a young man’s struggle to confront his own ghosts, to assume his manhood, and to attempt to recover his equilibrium after a crippling injury, is the account of a haltingly pursued saga whose outcome cannot be simply represented in a review, but can only be earned by accompanying its narrator as he pursues for over ten years a closure that might well prove to be illusory, but also might not.

Gregory de Rocher ”

Good read, written by someone who knows on 17 July 2014 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase Good read , written by someone who knows.

SOUTH ATLANTIC SOLDIER on 30 April 2015 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase Stuart’s book is actioned-packed and he has managed to capture the feeling of excitement and hardship with a healthy portion of “twists & turns”.
The book is full of adventure, clearly anunciated and ripe with coincidence. There is also a lot of interesting information for the reader who is alien to Military procedure……Well done Stuart…..I ENJOYED SOUTH ATLANTIC SOLDIER.

Interesting details.on 1 September 2013 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of SAS training and combat – the equipment and how it was used. Although the descriptions are quite detailed, they’re never dull. The story didn’t go in the direction I anticipated, which is to its credit. There are also many moments of warmth and humour.

Very convincing on 24 June 2013 Format: Kindle Edition A very good read with lots of squaddie humour. The descriptions of the main charactors fear and apprehension were convincing and though there was a lot of detail about the teams movement accross country it didn’t spoil the story and the pace kept you on your toes.

South Atlantic Soldier on 3 May 2013 Format: Paperback Enjoyable read and found it quite touching in several parts with a good twist to the story, looking forward to reading his next book.

An SAS soldiers falkland war journey on 26 September 2012 Format: Paperback South Atlantic Soldier A great read, the story is exciting and gritty, that does’t overdramatise, a rollercoaster account of a soldiers journey through life that takes him to the Falklands war. It tells the effect on his family, with an intriging twist at the end that will keep you hooked.

The Falklands War from a special forces view. on 1 July 2012 Format: Paperback A good read interesting plot about two TA soldiers of the SAS deployed to the Falklands and their relationship with regular members of the regiment, scenes of battle well described.

” fact or fiction,,,,on May 23, 2014 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase not a bad sort of yarn,,, I am not sure if this book was fact or fiction,,, but still not a bad read.

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