Skelter’s Vengeance

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Skelter’s Vengeance  book 2 of the series, begins as Sergeant Mark Skelter and his team fast rope from a helicopter to raid a Colombian cocaine factory where Irish terrorist Sean McGlynn is buying drugs. In the confused fire fight that follows, McGlynn escapes into the jungle. This is Skelter’s last operation before he retires from the SAS to take a job with a shadowy private security company, run by his girlfriend’s father, Rollo Ryder. With his new partner Brick Lennon, Skelter is sent to Key West, Florida, as bodyguard to millionaire businessman Richard Bell; the man he rescued from Somali terrorists in book 1, ‘Helter Skelter.’ When Sean McGlynn turns up in Key West to trade cocaine for cash to buy arms, Skelter and Brick become embroiled a high stakes covert operation to protect British and US government officials from blackmail. The FBI, MI6 and the US Navy are added to the mix as Skelter finds he has an even higher personal stake in the outcome. The action moves back to Colombia and across the Caribbean towards a showdown with tormentors from Skelter’s past.


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This author has found his talent writing a good yarn too late in life!…Only kidding Stuart. Having
read and digested the first book about SKELTER,
the author has built up a strong character in the role of Skelter which basically paves the way for numerous adventures. Well done, a splended read.

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Enjoy the Welsh Skelter immensely. So glad to hear he is coming back,and not getting a “proper job”! Any more skeletons in the cupboard?
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