Skelter’s Final Duty

Skelter turned into wind again then it all happened at once; the thump as the Bergen grounded, slack rope, splash, wet arse, followed by relief. The beach was only metres away. Standing up to his calves in water he collapsed his chute and reeled in the rucksack. Thirty feet away, Laz was similarly engaged. Skelter dragged the canopy onto the sand and reached into the Bergen for the Steyr. Sliding the barrel onto the receiver he locked it with a twist, slotted a magazine into the housing and drew back the bolt. They had 90 minutes to secure the island airstrip before the pilot ran out of fuel.


By Ron on October 8, 2016   Format: Paperback

If you haven’t read any of the previous books in the series, Skelter is probably best described as old-school British SAS living in a modern (and mercenary-heavy) world.

It’s obvious that the author knows his stuff – most likely from personal experience – including weapons and techniques, terminology and slang.

The previous Skelter books were good. I think this one is better. Even though little enough of it deals with Skelter’s personal life, the reader ends up knowing more about the ‘person’ behind the Skeltee character.

You won’t need to read the previous Skelter books to enjoy this one although, if you like good, old-fashioned semi-military thrillers, with a couple of good story lines running through them, and down-to-earth ‘British’ British (not ‘Hollywood’ British), maybe you should pick up a copy of each and read them first!

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Book categories: SAS, Thriller and War