RAF Hurricane:He. 111-1Battle of Britain1940. Hawker Hurricanes attacking Heinkel 111s and Me 109. Watercolour 1980.

Me.109E: SpitfiresBattle of Britain1940. Spitfires attacking Me 109s.  Watercolour 1980.

us para copyUS Paratrooper 1944.  Watercolour 1979.

IMG_1861British Paratrooper 1970s hooking up.  Coloured ink  1979

PenguinPenguin Swimming underwater. Gouache 1980

Red-SquirrelRed Squirrel.  Watercolour 1975.

SAS 1970-80'sSpecial Air Service Regiment 1970s Pen/Ink/Watercolour

P1080354View from garden at house. Watercolour.  Key West B&B.

RAF LysanderWestland Lysander.  Watercolour 1976.

FoxFox. Watercolour 1978.

1 Adder-1 copyAdder and Lizard.  Watercolour.

RAF PumaWestland Aerospatiale Puma.

USN Helldiver lowCurtiss Helldiver and Mitsubishi A6m2 Zeros over Pacific 1943.  Watercolour 1980

178c8aee-e41a-11e2-ba8b-22000aa5108a-largeTiger.  Coloured Pencil 1979.

P1070877Clematis ‘Giselle.’  Watercolour 2013.

P1080337Hen Sparrowhawk with Collared Dove. Gouache 2013

b0c75a5e-e41a-11e2-820b-22000a91e9a7-largeBobcat.  Pen and Ink 1980.

6148c6ac-e41a-11e2-91d2-22000aa5129e-largeDe Havilland Mosquito with Hawker Typhoon.  Acrylic 2010.

6fc52d8c-e420-11e2-92cb-22000aa5129e-largeZebra.  Watercolour 1979.

121e769e-e429-11e2-8921-22000aa5129e-largeCanberra PR9.  Acrylic 2010.

57a5cefc-128b-11e3-8daf-12313b087694-largeRed Kite.  Watercolour 1980.